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Monday, October 12, 2015

The importance of clean house and seller cooperation when listing your home

Have your house cleaned as if it were a villa you were renting on the beach for $5000 a week in Mexico. 

We all have different standards of what we consider clean or dirty in our homes.  However, when you are selling you want to clean it as if it was going to be your personal beach front villa that you are paying $5000 a week to enjoy.  This is what people expect when they walk into your home.  Buying a home is the biggest purchase in most people’s lives and often the very most important to their family.  Imagine your disappointment if you walked into your villa with great expectations and you found cob webs on the light fixtures and finger prints on the walls?  Imagine how you would feel if the house had a funny smell or smell of smoke.  If you want to be the first on the list for buyers then you need to have your house as clean and as neat as possible.  The quickest way to get a lower price for you home it so have it dirty and messy, the next quickest way assure a lower price is to turn down showings regardless of the inconvenience they may cause.  The sooner you get in the right buyer who wants to purchase your home the sooner you will be able to stop showing it.  An uncooperative seller, when it comes to showings, can ruin any chances of getting top dollar.  Buyers have choices today.  They want the cleanest house and they want to be able to see the house when they are ready to buy.  If a buyer is working with a good real estate agent they will be ready to buy the day they see your home and if they don’t get to see it they are likely to have purchased something else by the time you decided it is convenient to  let them in for a showing.   

Chris LaHaie, MBA
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